Guy blending into a rock wall, captioned 'Skill: Hide'Oof, that overhead pen-offering angle. I tried, okay.

Pretty good hand-with-champagne in the first panel, at least.

Anyway, Cohen’s “maybe I’m my own Being in disguise, you don’t know” is clearly a well-rehearsed story (he learned the trick from Ann Walker). And Bennett’s “prove you’re not the Being by writing something” just might be the first smart thing he’s done all day.

Cohen: Frankly, I don’t expect the public to get it. Even many humans with authority over a Being struggle to grasp that kind of scale.

You’ve made a talking point of not taking action just to advance your own popularity. That’s going to be tested now.

Bennett: Hmph.

Speaking of authority . . . where’s your Being? Did you not bring it along? I thought they didn’t like to be left alone. I mean, that’s what I’ve heard.

Cohen: There’s no point in looking. As a shapechanger, it could be anyone in this room. Including me.

Bennett: . . .


Here . . .

Grab a napkin and write something.

(scribble scribble)

Bennett (reading): “That was very clever. I’m surprised.” . . . Hey!

Cohen: Sorry — that should read “I’m surprised, Congressman.”