Dr. ParkTrivia: Karen Park is named after Dr. Chi Park from House, MD.

Her design isn’t a deliberate reference (they both have a common hairstyle and glasses, that’s all), and neither is her personality (I, uh, honestly don’t remember enough about Dr. Park to say if those ended up similar or not). I was just (re)watching the show when I designed the character, and needed a Korean name, and figured I might as well throw in a little homage.

“Karen” wasn’t a reference to anything at all, just a generic first name that I did not anticipate would become memetic for “obnoxious white woman who thinks she’s entitled to call management/security/cops on black people for existing” a decade later.

Bennett: Karen. And you brought a friend. A bear and a lame duck. I can’t tell if this is the U.S. government, or a Disney movie.

Karen: Don’t get cute with me, Bennett. We need to talk about this bill you’re pushing.

Bennett: Do you mean the bill reaffirming that America is awesome? Because that is a valuable use of Congress’ time, and anyone who doesn’t think so must want the terrorists to win.

Park: You know the one I mean! Tracking Beings like this is a massive violation of civil liberties. Not to mention overkill! There are less than forty in the nation. And they’re exponentially less dangerous than humans. I know the incident with the rabbit has you worried —

Bennett: What? It does not! Why would I care what happens to that brat?!

Park: . . . I wasn’t saying you were worried for her. Point is, when you stop being spooked and look at the facts, all she committed was a glorified incident of vandalism. Far from a national security issue.

Bennett: I d-don’t have time for this. Save it for committee. I have meetings to get to.