Hay Adams bedroomOh, phew, back to a setting with extensive pre-designed details.

Drawing a character with “soaked in water” effects is tough. So much so that TVTropes has a whole page of canons where the artist(s) didn’t even try. Finding that page was kind of a jaw-dropping moment of “wait, I could’ve been not bothering this entire time??”

…but no, even if it’s hard to nail, I like the visual of dripping-wet hair and what it brings to a character moment.

Besides, at least I don’t have to animate it.

Visitor: You’re not being hurt, are you?

Cybele: Nuh-uh.

Can you stay and talk with me?

Visitor: Any chance you can tell me who your Master is?

Cybele: Nope. Sorry.

Vistor: Oh well. It was worth a try. I’ll have to sneak out if anyone comes by. But until then . . . how are you doing?

Back in D.C., with the real Cohen . . .


Cohen (thinking): Ugh . . .

That’s it . . . starting tomorrow, I’m cutting down on the drinks.


I better not have remembered the date wrong. What a waste of sympathy it would be if it turns out the anniversary of the crash was last month, or something.