Yomiko ReadmanOne more fantasy cosplay sequence! Starring Patrick as Pikachu, Bianca as Yomiko Readman, and Sparrow as Sarah Jane Smith.

And with that, I’ve annotated a whopping 240 pages of this comic. Two trade-paperback volumes! Approximately a quarter of all the BICP content! Which means, if we keep up this pace, we have about 3 more years to go.


Gonna slow down and take a breather for the rest of December. Annotated bonus features every Friday! Nothing else until we kick off again in 2022.


Mrs. Applebaum: Genetic questions aside, you really ought to invite me over more often! That, or find yourself a third roommate who does hair.

Or do like most of us did back in the day and let it grow . . .

Sparrow: Just get it out of my face, okay, Mom? Thanks.

Mrs. Applebaum: Hmm . . . yes, I think it’s about even!

Sparrow: Can you go grab a mirror?


It’s perfect!

Mrs. Applebaum: Bianca, dear, did you want a trim? Your curls remind me of Luna Grassfeather’s, and I used to give her touch-ups . . .

Bianca: . . . I’m sure Ms. Grassfeather appreciated it, but I’ll pass.

Sparrow: All right! Now that I can see again, it’s time to take my own trip to D.C.! Not for politics, but for the next most exciting thing . . .

Sparrow (Sarah Jane Smith): . . . fandom!

Bianca (Yomiko Readman): WhiskerCon 2010, here we come!