striped tightsSpeaking of cool distinctive outfits: how about those cute striped tights, huh? Should’ve had the Tiger wear those more often.

…I know Walker spends a lot of her life being two steps ahead of everyone else’s plans, but at this point, she genuinely doesn’t realize Bennett is behind the Rabbit. (The doth-protest-too-much panicking about Cybele isn’t helping his cover, but the fact that he genuinely didn’t connect “unnervingly poised/coordinated young girl in an unexpected place” with “probably a Being” is.)

Bennett: Speaking of things you can’t see . . .

This kid must have snuck in behind you.

You can’t be in here, child. I am not a nanny statesman. Get it? ‘Nanny statesman’, because–

Walker’s Being: –it’s a pun on one of your talking points. I get it. Legally, I’m classed as a service animal. You can’t send me away. I thought you would be used to Beings in the form of children by now.

Bennett: What? No! Why would you think that? Where would I ever have seen something like that?!

Walker’s Being: So you haven’t even looked at the pictures?

Bennett: . . . Pictures?

Walker: In the news stories about the South Station incident. The Rabbit has consistently taken the form of a female African-American child, appearing no more than seven years of age.

Bennett: Wait, how do you know what’s in the pictures?

Walker’s Being: Visual identification is one of the services I provide.

Walker: Even knowing that Beings are shape-changers, most people will feel greater sympathy for it in a form like this. It’s a clever ploy. Whoever her Master is, he clearly knows what he’s doing.

Bennett: Um, yes . . . Real genius, that guy.