Schoolhouse Rock clip labeled 'Corporations write the bill and then they bribe our elected officials unti the bill passes.'Yeah, here’s what Walker’s actually come to visit for. She knows Bennett’s hoping for a bribe to make the bill go away! But alas, he has miscalculated.

Should’ve stuck to the traditional pipeline of “find out what kind of legislation the billionaires and/or CEOs want you to write, then accept their money in return for pushing it through.”

Walker: But you, sir, have not been swayed. This bill you’re pushing would be harsh. Not just for the Rabbit, but for all Beings.

Bennett: That’s right! This measure will require all Beings traveling and operating in the U.S. to be registered, and place various restrictions on their movements, as well as the actions of their Masters. That includes you, Ms. Walker, and your little tiger, too. My principles here are too strong to provide for exceptions of any kind. Even if you were to make a generous donation to my re-election fund, I wouldn’t be swayed.

Walker: I didn’t come here to bribe you, Mr. Bennett.

Bennett: Well, good!

. . .

Because I can see how it would be tempting, considering that you have insane amounts of money, much of which is just collecting dust in off-shore tax shelters . . .

Walker: But, Congressman — I love the bill as it is!

Bennett: . . . What?

Walker: I think it’s fabulous that it’s so strict. In fact, I came down to Washington to ask in person if you’d realized how you might benefit by making it even stricter.