Guilded Age pageSo many cute little visuals, here.

The “unconscious character suspended in a tube of liquid for experiments” trope is really widespread (see also: People Jars), but I’m pretty sure the most direct inspiration for this particular strip was Guilded Age.

…which is also doing its own annotated reruns, which heavily inspired the style of BICP’s annotated reruns. Full circle!

Bennett: S-stricter? That sounds great! Fantastic! I’m always for . . . uh . . . Stricter how?

Walker: Right now, Beings are legally treated as a kind of extension of their Masters. If one commits a crime, the Master is responsible for the repayment.

But the Rabbit’s Master has vanished. The City of Boston can’t get restitution. What are they going to do? Keep it locked up forever?

Eventually Cohen will start charging for the use of that cell of his. And it’s not as if the Being will pay its own way. Without its Master’s order,

there’s no carrot or stick you could offer to make it a trustworthy worker. The only way to get value out of it . . . is to do things to it.

All it would take is one new clause in your bill . . .

. . . to reclassify those Beings as seized police property. There aren’t even any pesky regulations governing their treatment. Think of the potential! The only limiting factor would be whether you could do a thing while holding it down.