Happy new year, everyone.

Scheduling update: I’m going to stick with the Monday-Friday schedule while a chapter is ongoing, but start doing mini-breaks (like, only about 10 days) in between.

Maybe I’ll make an update or two — some bonuses, even some new content — while a break is ongoing. Maybe not! Maybe I’ll do some, but not all. For now, gonna leave my options open.

Black Butler coverOn to the Volume 9 cover. It’s a Black Butler homage, with a twist that’s awfully weird if you know the series. (The tall guy is the nonhuman who’s contractually bound to follow orders; the short kid is the human who controls him. Although not quite as thoroughly as humans control Beings. And the incentive is, when it’s all over, the demon gets to eat his soul.)

Thing is, I wanted to draw Cute Small Patrick. And who wouldn’t? Never a bad time for Cute Small Patrick.

There’s a couple butterflies in the Black Butler logo there, so I took it as a sign to bring back Bianca’s butterfly hair clip. Plus this nice butterfly texture I’ve used for clothing before. (Scavenger hunt: spot the pages.)

Original cover:

(Wings for dramatic effect only. Feature not present on actual Kara Lynn.)