Dog with furriesShot of Bianca’s room from a new direction — we’ve never seen that lampshade before. And I’m not sure if we ever will again, to be honest…

“Making fun of furries” used to be an inescapable trope/fad/running gag around the internet. (See: this 2008 xkcd.) Now…I can’t remember the last time I saw any. Has a more-accurate, less-mockable understanding of furries gotten mainstream? Did furry fandom get less popular, so they aren’t a recognizable touchstone for enough people? Did furry characters get more popular, so the would-be mockers all find themselves admitting “eh, I’m super into DuckTales/Rocket Raccoon/Lola Bunny, it’s not that different”?

…or did we collectively pick a new subcategory of hobbyists to be tarred as “universal shorthand for cringe”? It’s that one, isn’t it.

It’s the eve of a convention!

Bianca: . . . and then I figured out that you don’t even need a costume! There’s so many furries at WhiskerCon, you can just walk around with dog ears out. People will think it’s fantastic!

Patrick: What ‘s a “furry”?

Bianca: Don’t ask. You’ll blend right in, that’s all that matters.

So that’s my normal clothes, cosplay outfit, some cash, sketchbook and pens, phone, meds . . . I think I’m all packed!

Sparrow: Hey, Bee!

You have your normal clothes, cosplay outfit, some cash, sketchbook and pens, phone, and meds, right?

Bianca: Yes, Sparrow.

Patrick: Why do you let her do that? You’re a Master, not a child. Sparrow should trust you to take care of yourself.

Bianca: It’s okay! If looking out for me makes her feel more secure, then it’s worth it. The last thing I want is for her to have to worry about me again!

Sparrow: Oh, by the way! Good news!

I found a shelter that will take the dog food Mom left for us. You can make Patrick carry it over this afternoon.