Hotel bedroom piled with stuffI’ve only ever ended up in one “bunch of broke kids agreed over the internet to split the floor in a single hotel room” situation.

If you can put up with it, and the hotel/con is prepared to look the other way, it’s a pretty good deal…but I’m really glad I can afford never to do it again.

This group isn’t the most tactful about it, but “agreeing that the one disabled person gets priority for the bed” is a good show of human decency for them.

Meanwhile, one floor down . . .

Roommate 1: Nobody mess up the room or do anything to bother the staff, got it? They could kick us out if they find out we have one room with eight people and a lizard.

Roommate 2: We agree that wheelchair-girl gets half the bed, right? Want to arm-wrestle for the other half?

Roommate 3: I brought a sleeping bag, I’ll be fine.

Jany: Anyone who votes to let me have the bed, I will say whatever you want . . . in a real British accent.

Roommate 4: Vote to let me have the bed, and I’ll say whatever in real Japanese.

Roommate 5: I vote Japanese!

Roommate 2: Sorry, lizard girl.

Kara Lynn: Are you sure this is okay, Master?

Jany: Eh . . . at least it’s more comfortable than my brother’s couch.

Friday: Con Day #1.

Kara Lynn: That isn’t how your name is spelled. Is it?

Jany: It’s my screen name. So the Internet people we’re meeting up with know it’s me. Ooh, aren’t you adorable!

Kara Lynn: You think my normal form is sexier. I can tell.

Jany: Yes . . . but sometimes I just want you to be cute.