I’ve been to a couple “queuing starts hours early, everyone sits down for the wait” events. Mostly Hellsing-related, at the height of its popularity. There was only one where I didn’t even get in, and that’s when Kohta Hirano was doing autographs as the Otakon guest of honor. (I did get into the panel where he spoke later, though, so it worked out okay.)

Bianca isn’t full-on cosplaying, she’s wearing casual clothes that just have a Sailor Moon vibe to them, but the tiara and earrings were clearly designed and sold as Neo-Queen Serenity accessories.

Patrick: What’s that gigantic line for?

Bianca: Oh, that’s the autograph room. The con has like six celebrity guests. Some all the way from Japan, and they don’t make trips like that a lot, so fans will come from miles around to get stuff signed.

Patrick: Well, one of those people is a Being.

Bianca: What? How? What’s it doing here?

Patrick: With my keen intellect, I deduce . . . trying to get an autograph.

Bianca: I guess it’s just here with its Master to enjoy the con. Don’t worry. Just let it be for now, okay?

Patrick: Me, worry? No chance. I can take it.

Patrick (thinking): Especially if she’s as worn out as she looks. Could this be an example of the theory of–

Bianca: We’re here! The otherkin meeting is out on the patio. You’ll be fine on your own, right?

Patrick: Yes! You can go to the Sailor Moon panel you got all dressed up for.