Awkward meeting with humans and PokemonPatrick has misjudged the tone of this meeting.

(Alas, we never get the answer to the most important question: do psychic vampires have an effect on him??)

The brick texture in the background walls is a stock pattern I made for myself (available on Clip Studio Assets), added in the remastering. The uneven stone pavement, though, was hand-drawn in the original art. Still really like how it looks. Maybe at some point I’ll make a tiled-pattern version.

Tina: Everyone, look! It’s him!

Dotan: Patrick! Over here!

Tina: Told you I really met a Being!

Friend: Tina, you think every guy with a realistic partial fursuit is secretly a Being.


Friends: (GASP!) Whoa! Dude’s a dog!

Tina: See? SEE?

Patrick: I am called Patrick. My Master has granted me leave to speak with you all. I can answer any questions you have. Within the bounds of my knowledge, of course.

Various kids: Can you talk to animals? Could you ask my basset hound something?

How many headmates do you have?

How do you write “Sparkle Pony the Awesome” in the magic language Tina found?

My girlfriend is a pine-kin. Are there any Beings who are trees, too?

Do psychic vampires have any effect on you?

Have you ever met a unicorn?