stuffed unicornI wondered why that stuffed unicorn looked remarkably non-Lauren-Faustian. Then I checked the dates.

Given that it’s still only late-summer or early-fall of 2010 within the story…My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has not started airing yet. For all the mountains of merch that are about to be produced, even the most dedicated unicorn enthusiast isn’t going to have it yet.

Don’t worry, eventually I’ll design a truly unreasonable amount of BICP FiM ponysonas to compensate.

Patrick: . . . and I am not aware of any unicorns ever having existed. You are a very affectionate human.

Kid: I’m not a human! Well, I mean, I am, but my headmates are a killer whale and a black hole.


Dotan: He says there are no unicorns.

Kid: No, he says he’s never met one! That’s different!

Kid: My turn!


Kid: Isn’t he cuddly?

Kid: Hey, puppy . . .

Tina: Patrick!

Kid: About this “Master” thing.

How absolute is it? Like, what if they hurt you or something?

Patrick: It isn’t my place to question what my Master does. To do so would mean I . . . didn’t love them enough. We are unworthy. How can we talk back to them?

Kid: Hmmph.

Tina: Aww, Patwick, I think you’re vewwy worthy! Do you like being a dog? What’s your favorite form?

Patrick: A form is a form. Any kind of dog or human my Master likes will do.