Black Butler promo artGiven that “Shota” is just an ordinary Japanese name…and, as far as I can tell, more common than “Lolita” (a convoluted nickname for a character whose given name is Dolores) ever was in English…you gotta wonder how the ordinary Shotas of the world feel about having a complex named after them.

I don’t actually know if Unicorn Girl here would be into explicit shotacon, or if she’s just into cute small-boy characters…maybe with up to, say, Black Butler levels of subtext.

Also, don’t know if the unnamed boy is genuinely oblivious to the idea that “busty dog ladies” is 100% a kink, or if he’s just like “yeah, I think it’s sexy, but I’m a furry, so it’s normal.”

(…It goes without saying that neither of them is attracted to real prepubescent children and/or animals, right? That’s…not something I would just toss in as a throwaway joke and then never address again.)

Dotan: Any kind of dog? Can you be an Airedale?

Patrick: Yes.

Unicorn girl: Ooh! Be a shota!

Patrick: What ‘s that?

Unicorn girl: A cute little boy!

Patrick: Okay . . .

Boy: Leave your weird fetishes out of this! Patrick, can you be a cocker spaniel?

Patrick: Of course.

Boy: Great! Now with breasts!

Patrick: . . . What?

Dotan: Hey, Tina . . . Are you okay?

Tina: I don’t understand. Isn’t there a shape you’re just, I dunno, comfortable with? Anything at all?

Patrick: This one is fine! The one my Master likes is best. But all of these are fine.