Stewart and ColbertOkay, we’ve talked about how much Bennett is designed to have big  “Stephen” vibes, now let’s all notice how Vintage Patrick is designed to have big “Stephen” vibes.

(*slaps comic* this bad boy can hold so many Colbert expies in it)

In Fox’s eyes, though, he just kinda looks like a furry-adjacent Disney prince. And the other teens aren’t paying too much attention to his appearance — they’re too busy having their Being-idealizing minds blown.

Patrick: We aren’t the “next level ” of anything human. We’re bodies. That’s all. “Comfort ” doesn’t have anything to do with it — would you ask a rock or a phone how comfortable it is with its shape?

Humans have bodies . . . but you are so much more. You can write things. Create and invent new things, out of thin air. You can make decisions based on nothing but your own ideas. When you’re alone, that can be okay.

If you love someone, it’s as an equal. You don’t have to keep loving them if they hurt you.

The way you look to us . . . it ‘s completely different from animals. It isn’t like stars either, but you shine.