Spaceman Spiff stripI’m awfully proud of that “Spaceman Spiff anime in the style of DBZ” shot.

Jany is sleeping in a video-screening room because she’s jet-lagged, and on top of everything else, hiking back to the hotel room feels like too much work. (WhiskerCon, like Balticon, is held in a hotel, but those rooms go fastest and cost the most. You can get a much better deal if you’re, say, a 20-minute walk away.)

Back at the hotel.

Jany: Can you help me book a train trip to Chicago? For today or tomorrow, please.

Concierge: Sure. Let me look up the last-minute Amtrak prices . . . .

Jany: . . . It takes HOW long? And costs HOW much?

Please tell me that number sounds less awful in pounds.

Kara Lynn: At the current exchange rate, it ‘s — —– — —–.

And back at the con.

Spaceman Spiff: Zounds! If the hostile Gorkians are successful, the planet Mok will be blown to smithereens! The fearless space adventurer has just ten minutes to thwart their dastardly plot!

Jany: Wake me when the episode is over, mmkay? Or if the planet actually explodes, whichever comes first.

Kara Lynn: Sleep well, Master.