Moon Stick toyThis is still one of my favorite individual pages. It can be shared as a self-contained joke even if you haven’t read the rest of the chapter, and the buildup, the punchline, all landed exactly the way I wanted.

We’re all lucky that Sailor Moon came from a process of “author designs gorgeous weapons/tools for the magical girls, toy companies scramble to live up to them,” before the Pretty Cure era of “companies design a toy they can easily make with simple molded plastic, artists use that exact model to draw it into the show.”

And how was everyone else’s day?

Sparrow: I scored this awesome Dalek plushie! It threatens your inferior species when you squeeze it!

Bianca: I won this shiny plastic toy at the Sailor Moon panel! It lights up when you push a button!

Patrick: I got this list of the names of a bunch of impressionable teenagers! It has all their contact information!

Sparrow & Bianca: . . .

Sparrow: Ohhh. You’re Patrick.

Bianca: I feel so much less horrified now.

Patrick: Sorry, I forgot you hadn’t seen this form before . . . Did I say something wrong?

Dalek plushie: EX-TER-MI-NATE!