Shine MadelineAnd speaking of detailed scenery: that Artist’s Alley! The sheer amount of “small booths with complex displays and piles of merchandise all crammed into a small space overlapping each other” is awfully intimidating, but between the overhead shot, the “standing in front of an opaque wall of merch” shot, and the “last row before the wall” shot, I cropped it down to manageable levels.

Only recognizable cosplay is Sailor Iron Mouse in the top left. Everyone else has generic animal costumes, because WhiskerCon.

The big poster in the bottom left displays Madeline de Paris, adult vampire-hunting version, as she appears in And Shine Heaven Now. Which probably means the silhouette with cat-ears is another author cameo. And Shine is a major fandom with a big con presence.

Bianca: If anything catches your eye, you can go look at it, okay? You don’t need to ask permission first.

Ooh, these are pretty cute!

I like the cupcake, but you could get a matching set of fruits and–

Patrick: !!

Bianca: . . . Patrick?

Patrick: Something caught my eye!