Hay Adams hotel againPatrick takes it for granted that normal hotel rooms are fancy and luxurious…Cohen ended the last chapter in a hotel room that was fancy and luxurious…it’s all connected!

Should’ve done a more zoomed-out shot of this room, so you can make the direct comparison. Ooh, maybe even with the exact same angle and framing while Sparrow’s prone on the bed as when Cohen was. (Or would that have been too on-the-nose?)

Sparrow is, in general, right about deceptive gift-giving. She’s mostly just confusing Patrick, because she’s reacting to assumptions about his experience that are pretty far off the mark…but the overall principle isn’t wrong. Here’s a pretty good article with more on abusers and gift-giving.

Sparrow: Besides, what do you mean, “substandard”? This place isn’t cheap, you know! It’s the best me and Bianca could afford. Unless you wanted to split with a bunch of other congoers?

Patrick: You cannot be serious. There’s only one room! One bathroom! Room service costs extra!

Are you telling me that’s normal in this day and age?

Bianca: Um . . . yeah. It kind of is. Anyone who stays in suites on a regular basis is loaded. Did your last Master just not travel a lot, or . . . ?

Patrick: No! He travels for business all the time! But we always stayed in a suite . . . when he took me along . . .

I didn’t know it was expensive. I never even thanked him for it . . .

Sparrow: Hey! No feeling guilty allowed. You don’t owe any thanks to someone who abused you. An abuser can buy nice things, It doesn’t make them good, or prove that they love you. I have been doing research, and it says this very clearly!

Patrick: So . . . when you bought me a collar, did that mean you don’t love me?

Bianca: . . . That’s definitely not what it means. I know you’re not tired, so . . . Sparrow? Ready to get our badges?