Hunt Valley InnWhiskerCon’s cross-section of furry, anime, and cartoon fans is mostly inspired by Otakon, the East Coast’s biggest anime convention. (They’re also very good at helpful measures like “Line Ends Here” signs.) There’s some adaptation based on BICP’s specific plot needs.

Meanwhile, the convention size, layout, and general vibe is based on the Baltimore Science Fiction Society’s Balticon. I made it regularly for several years when it was held at the Hunt Valley Inn, so that’s what the building is based on.

Author cameo in the second panel. (In the middle, with the cat ears.)

WhiskerCon 2010: early check-in line.

Con staff: Nice ears.

Patrick: Thanks.

People in line: This line is definitely longer than last year.

So the guy says, “That’s no Zubat, that’s my wife!”

The taxi driver told me to take it off. It’s fursecution, I tell you!

Jany: They’ll only ask for my ID, so we should be fine. Just don’t do anything mad. Or suspicious. Or make any sudden moves.

Con staff: Next!

Con staff: Enjoy your con!

People in line: Patterson, party of two.

Jany: I don’t think they’ll be armed, but you never can tell with Americans, so . . .

Con staff: Next?

Jany: Oh! Coming!

Jany Balachandran, party of two!

Con staff: Nice accent! Are you a Doctor Who fan, then?

Jany: That is a unique and clever question which I have never been asked before! Now sign me in, please!