Map of the US overlaid with Europe for size comparison“What’s the difference between Americans and Europeans? An American thinks 100 years is a long time; a European thinks 100 miles is a long distance.”

Poor Jany, she didn’t need to get so many things wrong, but I played up the culture-shock for the sake of a running gag.

Is this the first full appearance of Cohen’s logo? I think it might be. (Walker’s, of course, was all over the South Station advertisements a few chapters ago.)

Jany: They’ve made some last-minute changes from the online version of the schedule. I’ll read them to you, and you can tell me if anything sounds interesting, okay?

. . . okay?

Oh, no. Come on, snap out of it . . .

Kara Lynn: . . .

. . . what of what? Oh — did it happen again?

I ‘m sorry, Master . . . I ‘m always afraid the next time will be the one when you disappear . . .

Jany: It’s okay, love. I’m right here.

And we’re going to get you help, all right? We’re in the best country in the English-speaking world for Being research.

Walker and Cohen have been doing this for years! They’re both in big American cities.

[Walker – CHICAGO]

[Cohen – BOSTON]

Now that we’re in America [BALTIMORE], all we have to do is take the train there after the con. We might even be able to hit both in the same day!