Sly the FoxPatrick’s arc now has all the levity it can stand, with the arrival of the Over-Enthusiastic Teenage Furries.

Dotan’s companion is canonically going by Tina at this point, but I’m gonna go ahead and refer to him as Fox. Hopefully that won’t cause too much confusion with his omnipresent stuffed fox. Which was clearly modeled on Sly, the Beanie Baby, although I swear I remember putting it in color at some point and revealing it was purple. Ty never trademarked any purple foxes, right…?

Con staff (offscreen): Next!

Bianca (offscreen): Bianca Washington, party of three?

Patrick (thinking): . . . I’ll have to tell my Master . . .

There’s another one of us here.

Patrick: Yipe!


Dotan: Hey, awesome tail! How did you get it?

Patrick: It’s MY tail, that’s how! You are very rude.

Dotan: Sorry, sorry! Didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t real! You’re among friends. I’m a wolf, myself. And Tina here is a red fox.

Tina: Hi!

Dotan: You’re a dog, right? What’s your name?

Patrick: . . . I’m called Patrick.

Tina: (GASP) Dotan! Could it be?

The too-natural animal features . . . the way he says ‘I’m called’ instead of ‘My name is’ . . . Could he be . . .

Dotan: . . . a Being?!