M is for MouseTranslation time! Swap the Malachim letters back into Hebrew, and you get:

מצעים איכותיים

This is the first time we’ve had the symbols translated into English in-universe.

And, I think, the first direct confirmation that it’s the Language of the Contract? Since Patrick has said he can read it fluently, in contrast to English, which he still has to pick through one phoneme at a time.

Patrick: I don’t think I’m supposed to talk about it.

Tina: Right! Of course! Your Master would want you to keep a low profile.

Dotan: We would never infringe on that sacred bond! But on Friday afternoon, if he’ll let you go —

Tina: Or she!

Dotan: — or she —

— could you maybe come by our Teenage Otherkin Support Group? It would be an unbelievable honor to have you there.

Patrick: !! This writing in your logo . . . where did you get it?

Tina: I found it on this totally nifty messageboard about magic!

It’s an incantation for peace and good fortune. That’s what I believe, anyway. Dotan thinks it’s random.

Dotan: It totally is, right?

Patrick: Oh, it isn’t random. But as incantations go, I don’t think “quality linen” was ever that powerful.