Macro labeled 'Happy Saint Patrick Stewart's Day - patron saint of Making It So.'Stroke of luck for me that “Patrick Stewart” is a real human being who exists and is popular with geeks, linking Patrick’s name with Stu Cohen’s in a way readers wouldn’t have to think twice about.

…This is supposedly Bianca’s sparkle, but it isn’t even close to the effect I was using with her in chapter 1. Went back and standardized those in the Master’s Edition.

Con staff: Next!

Dotan: Ooh, that’s us!

Tina: Come to the meeting and talk to us more there, okay? Pweeeease?

Bianca: Patrick! Over here!

We got you a bag. And a badge! I’ll help you sort out the schedule, okay?

Sparrow: I told them your badge name was “Patrick Stewart.” Good, huh?

He’s the guy who played Picard, Professor X . . . and you have no idea who these people are.

Patrick: From Star Trek and James Bond?

Sparrow: Close enough.

Patrick: Okay. Master . . .

May I go to this event on Friday, please?

Bianca: Of course you can!

Sparrow: The puppy’s learned your sparkle. No one is safe.

Bianca: What is it? How did you find out about it?

Patrick: I don’t know. But they seemed very excited about it.

Tina: I told you it could be a she!