Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions promo artFrom Wikipedia: “Chūnibyō (中二病) is a colloquial Japanese term typically used to describe early teens who had grandiose delusions, who desperately wants to stand out they convinced themselves with hidden knowledge or secret powers. It translates to “second year disease (in Japanese lower secondary school)”, i.e. middle-school second-year syndrome.”

Couldn’t have told you there was a word for it when I made this page, but clearly it’s a phenomenon that transcends cultures.

…anyone willing to open the comments section and fess up to some of yours?

(Also: better long shot of the hotel room!)

Back at the hotel.

Sparrow: Bianca, I’m thinking maybe it isn’t the greatest idea to let Patrick hang out with those furries.

Bianca: Aw, they’re probably harmless. I never went full otherkin myself, but . . . I was fourteen once too, you know?

Bianca at fourteen.

Tiny Bianca (writing): Dear Diary, Felt tired and sad all day. I think my spirit is being attacked on the astral plane. Also, I think I maybe like girls??

#violetbauble: do u think my sprit animal is more a swan or an appaloosa?
#xshadow_ravenx: prbly a swan, i get that vibe from u

Tiny Bianca: Her and her boyfriend have a real live

Bianca: That’s how I originally learned about Beings — everybody I knew online wanted to have one. Not in a kidnap-y way, more in an “I also want to be a princess” way.

But, just in case . . . Patrick!

You are hereby ordered not to get kidnapped or imprisoned, and to come back safe and alone to the hotel at the end of the day!

Patrick: Yes, Master!