Nation's Oppressed Christians Huddle Underground To Light Single Shriveled Christmas ShrubI drew a monochrome version of this as bonus art for one of the trade paperbacks — I think it was Volume 2?

Pretty sure that version came first, and I liked it so much, I updated it into this red-and-green-bedecked version for the website. But maybe the online omake came first, and I recast it in monochrome for the books.

I liked it enough to draw it twice, is the point.

Genuinely not sure if the media finally milked dry all the “War On Christmas” rhetoric, or if when I stopped watching the Daily Show/Colbert Report, I just got out-of-range to be able to hear it.

Bennett: There is a War On Christmas in this country!

Cybele: Absolutely! The celebration is just three short months, from October to December, and if you drive around town you might see things that are not Christmas

Bennett: Why is it that even when you’re agreeing with me, you sound like you’re making fun of me?

Cybele: A guy on YouTube said it’s called Poe’s Law.