Christmas Bear pagesAnother little side gag I included as a bonus page in one of the print volumes. And then redrew for an omake week. Or possibly the other way around.

…Cub’s name is about as generic as you can get, but I think it was a specific reference to the polar-bear character in The Christmas Bear, a picture book by Henrietta Stickland.

Park’s grandkids: I got you pinned, Cub! I got you! / Ah-gah-goo!

Grammy Park, how come the Bear doesn’t talk? Other Beings can talk, right?

Karen Park: That’s right, sweetie. And Cub could too, if I let him.

But, you see, when he’s in human form, I make him look like a teacher I once had in school who had a profound influence on me.

Park’s granddaughter: And the teacher couldn’t talk?

Karen Park: On the contrary . . . He told me I would never get anywhere, he wouldn’t call on me in class, and he made fun of my accent. So I love using my Being to symbolically shut him up.