Garnet and Stevonnie dancingFusion time!

The Master’s Edition version includes fully-colored and shaded versions of Poe, Patrick, and what I can only assume we’re calling Poetrick.

Unlike the Park-and-her-grandkids comic, this is one of those gag bonuses that didn’t happen in canon at all. I will not confirm or deny whether Smushed Being Fusion is possible in the canon universe. You’ll just have to draw your own conclusions.

Sparrow: Hey, Miranda . . . you originally got into studying the way Beings fight because you were a Pokémon fan, right?

Miranda: Yeah, why?

Sparrow: Well . . . if I introduced you to a little show called Steven Universe . . .


Bianca: Go, Patrick! Dance with Poe, then use your shapeshifting powers to combine . . .

Miranda: . . . forming a single Being with both of your Contracts!


Poetrick: Master? Is this how we were supposed to look?