Inner Senshi with bunny earsBunny ears: they make everything better.

Cliché mobster accents: they, uh, don’t make any guarantees. At least they’re extra-cute coming from Cybele.

Bennett’s post-election-loss career isn’t confirmed yet…but for purposes of this omake week, Definitely Right News is the channel that immediately gave him a talk show.

Bennett: What am I going to do, Cybele? Both Ann Walker and Stu Cohen have “requests” for the next episode of Definitely Right News — and I can’t make both of them happy!

Cybele: I’ve got it, boss! How about if I turn into both of them and yell at you? Then you can decide which one you’re more scared of!

Bennett: . . . Sure. Guess it’s worth a shot.


Walker!Cybele: Don’t forget, Walker International is counting on your support . . . and we don’t go easy on a rat who steps outta line!


Cohen!Cybele: You better back up Cohen Broadcasting, pal. Or else the public is gonna find out some stuff you don’t want them to know, see?

Bennett: When they have big pink bunny ears, I’m not scared of either of them.

Cybele: Then my work here is done!