Creepy forest labeled 'Mary had a little lamb...and Mulder was determined to find out why.'A series of bonuses I posted during the 2012 holidays. (Unlike with the Leif & Thorn website, the BICP interface won’t let you do a multi-image post. Scroll down for the rest!)

All this info is canon. In the sense that it’s really in Walker’s files, as her most up-to-date knowledge and/or belief. Not in the sense that she’s got it all right.

…case in point, she still genuinely assumes Cybele’s Master is a clever and astute strategist. That sure won’t last.

The Rabbit
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • dark pink hair, tends toward curls
  • bright pink eyes
  • large ears
  • heart motif

Past forms:

  • ”Frith”, “Mani”
  • owned by G. Washington

Current status:

  • ”Cybele”
  • custody of S. Cohen
  • Master unknown;
    • adult male – Caucasian?
    • criminally destructive
    • clever, manipulative

Recommendation: Get the law to classify as seized property, be highest bidder in resulting auction. Bennett (R-MA) prime target for this. Loud, campaigns on strength of defense, not too bright.

The Cat
They never show up in the story again, but yeah, the Order of St. Lily is still around, and Timothy could make contact if he ever felt like his mental health was getting a little too good.

Didn’t think much about the mechanics at the time, I just knew failed prophecies aren’t generally enough to bring a cult down. These days, having watched a lot more exposés on Scientiology, I’m ready to go ahead and say one of the survivors announced “Brother Alvah actually planned this all along, he did that on purpose and he’ll come back to get the rest of us eventually, now in the meantime I’m his Chosen Successor and you all need to listen to me” and…they did.

The Cat
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • tends to blonde hair, white fur
  • gold eyes, vertical irises
  • clawed hands
  • fangs
  • somewhat furry

Past forms:

  • ”Esther”, 1860s Utah
  • ”Sister Lily”, 1990s Pennsylvania
    • owner: A. Reed, cultist
    • subject of doomsday prophecy

Current status:

  • ”Reseda”
  • Master: T. Mattei
  • test subject for S. Cohen
  • no contact with former cult

Recommendation: No action required. Master appears friendly to testing so far — keep in mind for future examination needs.

The Raven

Pretty sure “Killer” wasn’t Poe’s actual on-the-Contract name, last time around. It’s just what they called him in the ring.

Haven’t managed to watch any helpful exposés on secret dog-fighting rings in 2000’s Virginia, so I don’t have any new details to add.

The Raven
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • violet eyes
  • tendency to black hair
  • hampered mobility in biped form

Past forms:

  • ”Lydia Ann”, 1820s Arkansas
  • urban legend: “Jesse Riverton”, replaced local plantation owner
  • ”Killer”, 2000s Virginia: asset of show fighting ring

Current status:

  • Master, location unknown
  • Likely: transferred within/between criminal organizations

Recommendation: No action required. Specific movements not a priority unless its owner brings it into conflicts outside of local gangs.

The Bear

There’s a later omake where we find out why, exactly, Cub hasn’t gotten any dialogue. (And it isn’t “Park has a kink for brawny men who don’t talk.”)

The Bear
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • round furry ears
  • bright blue eyes
  • tends toward the hairy

Past forms:

  • China, 16th c.
  • Alaska, 1880s

Current status:

  • ”Cub”
  • Master: K. Park
  • Voiceless? Haven’t heard him speak.
  • Karen likes them brawny, oh my . . .

Recommendation: Park difficult to work to political advantage, but amenable to recreational battles. Unless inconvenient, keep her happy.

The Lizard

We’ll have it confirmed later that Kara Lynn isn’t just the Iguana, she’s the Miscellaneous Lizard.

Jany’s grandmother’s name is given as Haseena elsewhere in the comic. I don’t know if this “N. Rajkumar” was supposed to be an alias, or a different person, or an error on Walker’s part, or if the error was mine.

The Iguana
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • pointed ears
  • scaled skin
  • green eyes

Past forms:

  • British Isles, 9th-19th c.
  • India, 20th c.
  • Kalpana”, owned by N. Rajkumar, Surrey 21st c.

Current status:

  • Likely: transferred to family member of Rajkumar

Recommendation: No action required. Would be nice to study her before Cohen has a chance, but Master is more likely to pursue researchers within Europe than here.

The Dog

I saved this one for the end of the week, figuring I would keep you in suspense over how much information Walker would drop about Patrick’s Former Master.

Turns out, not much. Most of the content is Walker going on a…well, a pretty traditional supervillain-type rant.

The Dog
> from the files of Ann Walker

Distinguishing features:

  • favors two-toned fur/hair
  • brown eyes
  • frequently with tail

Past forms:

  • Austria, 1940s
  • New York, 1960s
  • ”Patrick”, 1970s on?

Current status:

  • Uncertain. No proof that anything has changed, and yet . . .

Recommendation: Proceed with suspicion. Requests for friendly battle have been dodged for months now. If he’s disabled it somehow, that would be unprecedented. If he’s driven it away? Unthinkable. If he’s grown squeamish about the whole setup . . . but no, I can think of no one less likely. More data required!