Pony CybeleGuest strip from 2012, brought to you by Animikean! Also posted here on dA.

I was around from the ascent of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and watched a couple episodes. And just…couldn’t get into it. No matter how big the hype got, it never clicked with me.

But I sure do love a good dollmaker — plus the ability to choose and assign Meaningful Symbols to a range of characters — which is why I made so many BICP characters in the My Little Pony creator. Eventually, I had a full set of Beings and a full set of humans.

Ponification isn’t a canon ability of Patrick’s, but if it was, would Bianca do this? …Probably.

Sparrow: Bianca, I’m home.

I’ve got cough syrup and soup.

You can stop being sic n–



With all the things we said we were NOT going to make Patrick do, how, How is this right?

Bianca: Ifth it makeths me happy while I’m thsick ith not wrong.

Pony!Patrick: Standing right here.