Above: from 2013, all the major shapeshifters (plus a minor one) in assorted Halloween costumes, on species-appropriate jack-o’-lanterns.

Cybele (devil), Blake (vampire), Patrick (Grim Reaper), Poe (Frankenstein’s monster), Reseda (witch), Cub (mummy), Kara Lynn (ghost), the Mouse (angel).

In the earlier Halloween post, I talked about the last art being shaded in Paint Shop Pro. Maybe it was Photoshop after all? This one’s definitely done in PS — although it’s early-enough that I’m still trying to get a handle on it.

2015 Halloween special (I just posted regular comics throughout October 2014):

Starring Cybele as Disney’s Princess Tiana, and a baby Patrick as…well, Patrick. Boy-form in costume as dog-form.

Bennett and Cohen’s outfits are unusual — they’re not costumes, but they don’t wear these specific clothes at any point in canon, either. Can’t remember if there was any intention in the design process beyond “they should complement the Beings’ outfits without overshadowing them.”

I had one of those pumpkin-shaped candy buckets as a kid.

Cohen: Didn’t you say Halloween was a conspiracy to lure children into accepting Satanism?

Bennett: Doesn’t matter! What’s really important here is, my little girl is a princess!

2016 Halloween…special?

I was sick that year, okay. Sick enough that I felt justified citing it as the reason I didn’t just keep posting pages. And, apparently, too sick to consider “what Halloween art do I have from earlier years that never got posted in the comic? Can I repurpose some of that?”

At least it’s cute. “Patrick with his head stuck in a pumpkin” is an excellent Patrick.