Interrupting the chapter for some more BICP Spooky Bonus Art.

Above: sexy dapper vampire Bianca, with a pumpkin! And also a jack-o’-lantern.

Alternately: if you thought Dogs In Sweaters were cute, buckle up, now we have Dogs In Costumes.

2017 Halloween special:

Bianca, Miranda, and Sparrow as Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl. Bonus: they put a shirt on Patrick so they could add “and Steven.”

They’re not a fully matching set of characters, though:

Bianca is Cotton Candy Garnet, from distant flashbacks to the awkward first time Ruby and Sapphire ever fused.

Miranda is Amethyst after several rounds of being poofed and re-forming, with corresponding character development, when she’d worked through a lot of insecurities and got a classier outfit.

Sparrow is Pilot Pearl, from the original pitched episode of the show, when the proposed art style was more complicated and would’ve taken extra time and effort to keep up.

The background is not a Steven Universe shot, but it was color-picked from one. (And then put under the same tinted filter as the team.)

2018 Halloween special:

Sparrow is dressed as a sparrow. Timothy is dressed as a camellia.

Miranda is dressed as Miranda, the moon of Uranus.

Bianca is getting pitched to be Miss Bianca, from The Rescuers. Which is lucky, because “Bianca” in Italian just means “white.”

True confessions: Sparrow got her name because I like bird names, Timothy was a deliberate New Testament reference, Miranda was a deliberate Shakespeare reference…and Bianca just got hers because I liked how it sounded. Didn’t think too hard about the meaning until later. Sometimes writing be like that.

Sparrow: We’re doing a themed costume set — we’re all going as our names! Want to join in?

Bianca: Uh . . .

Sparrow: We were thinking you could be the mouse from The Rescuers.

Bianca: Ohhh! That, I can do.