Cloved orangesModranicht,” or “Night of the Mothers,’ is an Anglo-Saxon pagan holiday celebrated on the night before Yule. Sort of. If I’m reading Wikipedia right, there’s only one primary source attesting it existed pre-Christianization, and the source was written after the Christianization, so…I have doubts.

It’s definitely celebrated by some present-day pagan communities, though. And hey, if Sparrow’s mother wanted to take a day to get high (in a responsible way that didn’t trouble her kid) and celebrate herself Good for her.

Bianca just does traditional vanilla American-Christmas stuff. And by “vanilla” I mean “ginger.”

Happy Holidays 2012
from But I’m A Cat Person

Sparrow: For me, this season is all about Mom burning her special pine and cedar incense for the Solstice and Modranicht celebrations.

We’d have a Yule log with candles for the Goddess, and lots of spiced cider for everyone.

You make decorations by taking apples and oranges, and sticking them full of cloves.

Put all those beautiful scents together, and the police could be right outside and have no idea how high everyone was getting!

Bianca: . . . I made gingerbread cookies, but with no pot. Do you want some anyway?