Sailor Moon christmas treeThe “put all your friends on a tree” concept has probably been done a bunch of times, but the one that inspired me was Usagi and Chibi Chibi doing it with the Sailor Senshi. (Liner art from a Sailor Moon Christmas album, I believe.)

The original art was the same idea, the ornaments were just limited to “characters who appeared in chapters 1-4.” Nevada-san in the mask, Poe in animal form, Brother Alvah to fill space. (Plus, oddly enough, Sparrow’s mom.)

Redrawing it for the print version, I moved this interlude to the start of Volume 3, so I got to branch out into “characters from chapters 1-8.” Which included the secular-Jewish Cohen and the secular-Muslim Jany…yeah, I just had Sparrow hold those, instead of putting them on the tree.