Rainbow flag design with stripes for trans and POC inclusivityBianca goes to QPOC because her college’s white-founded LGBT+ groups have racism issues, and her black family has homophobia issues. Both groups keep making progress, but being a minority within a minority is still tough.

At some point I went through the BICP archives and deleted a bunch of really egregious comments, but there was one on this page that still manages to annoy me from beyond the grave. The gist was “Grammy is great! Not because of anything she said, but because I’m projecting onto her a bunch of my political opinions that have nothing to do with what’s on the page. Anyway, I’m totally a pro-gay ally, it’s just a wacky coincidence that I leaped to identify with a character when the sum total of her dialogue was anti-gay ranting.” Urrrrgh.

Dad: So how were your finals, honey?

Bianca: Not too hard, except for Spanish. I didn’t register for more of it, though . . .

. . . And then we had an end-of-semester party at QPOC. I told you what that stands for, right?

Dad: Mmhmm. You remember not to bring up that stuff around Grammy and Pops, right?

Don’t you use that sparkle trick on me. The answer is still no.

Grammy: So I say to the preacher, Preacher, if you ain’t gonna put in a healthy bit of fire and brimstone once in a while, those young folks ain’t gonna grow up with a proper fear of the Lord in their hearts.

Nephew: Auntie Bee, do you have a boyfriend?