Pikachu toysIn the real world, the first Pokémon video games weren’t released until 1996, so Miranda couldn’t have developed her fandom quite this early.

…but this is a world where Magical Fighting Battle Monsters really exist, so the idea of “let’s put them in a video game” happened earlier. That is absolutely BICP canon. It has been accounted for.

Maid: Miranda Imani Lake, you go to your room and stay there!

Miranda: Yes, Miz Juanita.


(sniff sniff)

Miranda (writing): Dear Daddy,
Mommy is haveing an other of her big loiyer parties tonite. I have lots of good loiyer ideas but none of the growed ups want to lissen to me. I wish I had frends to play with insted of being stuk in my room all nite agen.

Is there a fun school near where you live? Are the kids nice? Pleeze rite me back this time.