Southern belle dressYeah, still a bit of mood whiplash here.

The accents in this segment were hard. Rewrote the dialogue a couple times, not sure I like the results even now…but I also don’t think I could rewrite them to be any better. So we’re stuck with it.

Nice dress on past!Poe, at least.

(Lydia Ann, Sister Lily, Kara Lynn…I sure do like my “ly” sounds in Being names, huh?)

Christmas, 1829: Riverton Plantation, Territory of Arkansas

Woman: An’ Lord, please watch over Naomi and Jeb down in Cuba.

An’ bless all servants in the household, from Miz Lydia Ann on down to the horses. Amen.

Boy: How come we got to bless Lydia Ann? She ain’t no different from any of the other white folks!

Man: You hush, boy! Her kind ain’t like white folk any more than they like us.

We got to obey a man who call himself Master in life, but we got free souls. One day, the good Lord gon’ take us to Heaven.

Her folk got no Lord. Only a Master. Ain’t even got souls, some say.


Woman: Miz Lydia Ann . . . ? How come you ain’t up at the house, ma’am?

Lydia Ann (past!Poe): The carriage Master Riverton and I were riding home in in fell through the ice. Neither the Master nor the horse survived.