Afro-Chinese model (Lou Jing) in a feather costume in a birdcageHannah is really good at this.

She’s probably been keeping her mind occupied with “if I got the Being, what would be the most effective way to use its powers?” for years now. (Same way we might work through all the possibilities of “if I had 3 genie wishes…” or “if I won a million dollars in the lottery…”)

…come to think of it, maybe Beings have some kind of instinctive orientation towards “humans who have thought a lot about what they want from me” as potential new Masters. It would also line up with how Lily, after losing Brother Alvah, naturally followed Timothy off the cult’s land.

Hannah: You say he fell through the ice. How deep?

Lydia Ann: Too deep to find.

Hannah: Good.

Your name ain’t Lydia Ann no more. It’s Jesse Riverton.

Lydia Ann Jesse: Yes, Master.

Hannah: Change form.

Jesse: Understood.

Samuel: Hannah?! Baby, this ain’t natural!

Hannah: She ain’t natural to begin with, Samuel! Now go fetch your coat.

Jesse, you take him to the big house. Act the part of the ol’ Master. Kiss the children, wish the Missus a Merry Christmas. Then order Samuel back to the colored folks’ cabins with all the food he can hold. That’s it for tonight. Tomorrow, we see to buyin’ back Jeb an’ Naomi.

Jesse: That’s a complicated order, Master. Thank you.

(1829 – End)