McKeldin FountainWalker and Cohen are meeting at McKeldin Fountain, an extremely weird structure. Abstract Brutalist concrete shapes make an ominous frame for a bunch of soothing waterfalls.

It was built near the Baltimore Convention Center, so you might see it in the background of some Otakon photoshoots. It’s otherworldly enough to bring a Cool Anime/Sci-Fi Vibe to the staging, while abstract/generic enough not to overshadow your hard-built costumes.

…and although you still could’ve gone to see it when this page was originally posted, the whole thing was demolished in 2017. To make way for (so far, as of this writing) nothing. Just a generic field of grass. Except the part they shaved off to make more traffic lanes.

The sarcastic “it’s a bypass! you’ve got to build bypasses!” jokes write themselves.

What an absolute loss.

(I would add some notes about the language/etymology used in today’s page, but let’s be real, Cohen has it covered.)

Baltimore, 199x.


Cohen: I can see why you like this place. Lovely acoustics. What I can’t see is why Walker International would suddenly want to make the jump into broadcasting. Are you really that bothered by someone else playing in your Being-research sandbox?

Walker: That’s quite a leap you’re making, young man.

Cohen: Are you saying I’m wrong? Speaking of Beings, where’s yours?

Walker: Around. How about yours?

Cohen: Left it at home. I didn’t want to treat this like a challenge. And in that spirit, I’ve brought you a peace offering.

As much as I love business, my real passion is for linguistics . . . so I did some exploring on big cats.

The word leopard is a compound of the Greek λέων — lion — and πάρδος — panther. Back in the day, it was believed that leopards were hybrids of the two. Hadn’t figured out that panthers are just black leopards . . .

Ironically, the root word of “panther” means “white-yellow” or “pale”. It goes back to the Sanskrit पाण्डर — a derivation of their word used for, among other things, tigers. I had all of this typed up on —

Walker: — the disc, I take it? Quite thoughtful of you.