Star Wars screenshot: 'Wipe them out. All of them.'Those first-panel Giant Accent Flowers are tiger lilies, because who needs subtlety?

Timothy and Lily were from the cult in Pennsylvania; this is from a cult in Argentina, which believed the Four Living Creatures described in the Book of Revelation were the final forms of Beings. And since there’s only 4, the best way for Walker to guarantee Blake a spot is to eliminate all but 3 of the others.

It shouldn’t be any surprise she’s the villain, but that last row drops it on you like an anvil anyway, because, again, who needs subtlety.

And this completely wraps up the annotations for Volume 1 of the BICP Master’s Edition! (Which means I’m writing this back in April 2021, shortly before I send it off to get a proof copy.)

A year and a half of updates; 1/3 of the pages covered. This party don’t stop until 2025.

Ann’s Being: The type of “beings” that cult believed we are destined to turn into . . . The same physical description was in that text. The eyes, the wings, every detail.

Walker: So . . . it could very well be true.

Ann’s Being: I thought you would say that. What are you going to do?

Walker: Just to be on the safe side . . . We’ll have to kill all the others.

Ann’s Being: Well, not all of them.

Walker: I suppose not.

Ann’s Being: Just most.

Interlude 2 ~ End