Baby leopardsJumping about 10 years into the future…I hope this 1960’s office decor is appreciated. (Dark wood paneling, square lamps, high-tech corded phones, and ashtrays everywhere!)

The transformation limits of Ann’s Being are (1) only cats native to Africa/Eurasia, not the Americas (or Australia, which doesn’t have any); (2) only the big ones (no sand cats, no Chinese mountain cats, etc); and (3) not Obviously A Lion, C’mon, Shem.

Year 196X.

Middle Manager: Why, if it isn’t the “boss”! What can I do for you, little lady?

Ann: You can read some of the entries in this book to my associate here. One at a time. And let him look at the pictures.

Middle Manager: Well, all right . . . “Leopards are the smallest of the big cats that roar. They have a wide range in Africa and tropical Asia. Most have fur with a beautiful rosette pattern.”

Ann’s Being: Success! It is quite a nice pattern.

. . . ??

Ann: He’s a Being, my good man. The list of known Beings includes a Dog and a Wolf — even though these are not distinct species. I called up the Master of the Dog. She reported her Being was unable to turn into a wolf form. If my Being’s limits aren’t biological, I intend to find out what they are.

Ann’s Being: I can do this lynx! Not sure why I couldn’t do the Canadian one.

I can’t manage a lion. Would you accept a very fluffy panther?

The tiger is a success. And, Boss, now I match your hair!