1980s Japanese commercialOn this page, people immediately started speculating that Walker had her father killed so she could take over the Board. I just want to reassure you all that…yes, she absolutely had her father killed so she could take over the Board.

Kaguya is the Tannin, a word used in the Hebrew Bible and sometimes translated as “sea monster,” which might be a specific animal or a category of them. Sea serpent? Giant squid? Whale? Crocodile? Sometimes they’re associated with snakes, and on a similar scale; other times they’re described as basically kaiji.

Also possibly sometimes a typo for tannim, which is just…a jackal.

First time around, Kaguya’s tentacles weren’t her signature teal in that last panel. Fixed that for the Master’s Edition.

Ann: “What immortal hand or eye / could frame thy fearful symmetry –” And we match? I think you’d better make this your regular form.

Middle manager: Well, isn’t that cute!

Ann’s Being: Purr.

Ann: Is it? By the way, you’re fired.

Middle manager: What?! You can’t do that! The Board will never allow it!

Ann: You’ll find I now own a controlling share in the Board. A comfort purchase with the assets from my father’s untimely death.

You, sir, were told to lay off the least efficient ten percent of your division, or there would be consequences. You failed to lay off a single person. These are the consequences.

Ann’s Being: Shall I drag him out, Boss?

Ann: He can have the day to clean out his desk.

Middle manager: But . . . ! We’re operating at a profit!

Ann: It could be greater.

Middle manager: These men have families! One has a baby on the way!

Ann: Good day, sir.

Year 196x (a later x): Tokyo, Japan.

Kaguya’s Master: She’s named after a legend of ours, about a princess who came from the Moon . . .

Ann: And she’s your vision of a Moon princess?

Kaguya’s Master: She is also a great boon to my film studio.

Ann’s Being: Boss! Hate to say it, but I’m losing!