1980s suit patternPlease enjoy 40-something Karen Park in her giant patterned 1980s power suit.

All my early drawings of Cub in bear form were, carelessly, referenced off of brown bears. Some quick research tells me that polar bears are their closest relative, but the proportions are pretty distinct.

So here’s the hastily-pasted-on excuse. There are dozens of slightly-varying brown bear populations that may or may not count as subspecies (“grizzly bears” are one of those), and my official Canon Ruling is that Cub can turn into any of these. Even the American ones, because they overlap so closely with the European ones that the differences are immaterial. But none of the visibly-different bear species.

Year 198X: Walker Labs, Chicago.

Young Karen Park: He could have been in sun bear form this whole time and I never knew?

Scientist: No, wait a minute . . . Mr. Cub, would you mind giving me your paw?

Yes, the pads of a sun bear paw are longer and narrower than this. I suspect he’s currently just a brown bear with odd markings. Did you catch that, boss?

Walker: I did. Disappointing. Can you get DNA samples from all the forms?

Park: It’s okay, I still like your polar bear form. Even if it turns out to be nothing more than albino grizzly form.

Scientist: This is a new technique in which we analyze the DNA in cheek lining cells. It can take some time to analyze, and Walker Labs doesn’t have the facilities in-house, but if you want a copy of the results when we finish . . .

Park: Thank you, but it’s not necessary.

Scientist: And . . . done!

Park: Finally! Is that enough tests for you, Walker? Can we get to the Game now?

Walker: You’ve been very helpful, Mrs. Park. I challenge you.

Park: I accept!