Results of an image search for 'fit young man'Check it out, Blake was the photographer whose eyes you couldn’t see on the previous page.

Before now, they’ve mostly taken “non-threatening girl/young woman” forms. (Walker had a lot of pre-existing experience, shall we say, using that to her advantage.) This is the innovation of their “extremely fit young man” form. Walker ends up deciding this has advantages too, and putting it into Blake’s regular rotation.


Park: . . . !

Ann’s Being: Oh, did you not know it was me? Cub would have noticed, but you didn’t ask him.

Don’t move, Boss. The drop next to you isn’t far, but it wouldn’t be pleasant, either.

Walker: Duly noted.

Park: Let’s do this in human forms, if you don’t mind. Cub?


Ann’s Being: Big brawny male, Boss!

Walker: You know what to do.


Park: . . . Um.

Walker: Instead of the usual brawling, we can always agree to have them simply arm-wrestle.

Park: Yes please.