PSoH artAt last, time for the extended Ann Walker flashback.

There was no question I was going to do a Pet Shop of Horrors homage in the new cover art. It had to include a human in a friendly/companionate pose with a big cat, and when it comes to potential art references with that setup, PSoH has a wealth of options to choose from.

The original cover art isn’t all that different, although it’s pretty clear that I didn’t have any “thematically significant scenery” ideas. The updated background is a public-domain photo of Chicago, which IMO works much better.

Also: the original features the previous version of Blake, rather than the iconic Tiger version. Leading some readers to speculate that all Beings could shapeshift over a much wider range of forms than we realized — or that Walker had another Being in the past, or, more dramatically, had Mastery over two Beings now.

Original cover