Jesus walking into lightTo make this interlude really stand apart from the regular BICP chapters, even the other flashbacks, it’s the first time I did all the shading in Photoshop. With all the fancy brushes and effects that implies.

The dream sequence is obviously supposed to invoke Traditional Artsy Iconic Jesus. On the original cover art, too, Saxon’s appearance was supposed to look…not quite this iconic, or I would’ve gone full blue-sash-over-the-shoulder, but close enough that you would suspect “if anyone on this cover is eventually revealed as Literally Jesus, it’ll be him.”

Woman (narration): In the dream I saw a man. He was up on a hill, facing a brilliant light. He knew I was there. He turned to look back at me. I think he smiled.

The light was still too bright to make out his face. I squinted against it, trying to see something, anything…

Woman: …then right before I woke up, I realized it was just you, Josh.

Josh: Really! That must have been such a letdown.