Kansas: Dust In The Wind coverSpeaking of Bill & Ted references: that top right panel is good a translation of the Greatest Commandment as you’ll get. (It‘s recorded as the second-greatest in Matthew 22:35-40, but in the BICP universe, that was a misprint.)

Harp Lake = the Sea of Galilee.

Saxon’s reference to “standing orders” not to donkey-kick any humans seems to suggest that Josh had to give the order verbally, instead of having it built directly into the Contract. But in the present-day storyline, there’s no indication the Donkey has the same freedom that the Wolf does. Maybe Josh went back in and finessed the code later.

Nahumville, and other sites around Harp Lake. Increasingly crowded sites.

Josh: Imagine you had a really great gift, okay, and part of it fell off . . .

Look, you wouldn’t build a house on sand, would you? It would collapse the first time a big storm came by.

What I’m trying to say here is — be excellent to each other!

Audience member: He has such a way with words . . .

Disciple: He takes us aside afterward and explains what the metaphors mean. Yeah, we’re totally in on all the secrets. It’s pretty cool.

María: Aren’t you tired of this sermon by now, Saxon?

Saxon: Tired? No! Shh, my favorite part is up next!

Wait, what’s he stopping for?

María: It looks like not everybody’s a fan.

Saxon: Who does that guy think he is, harassing my Lord?! I would so go kick him in the stomach if I didn’t have standing orders not to do that.