Scary Anderson knife poseThe Donkey’s identity still had a lot of people guessing until this page, but here’s where we dump all the clues you need.

For one thing, he’s doing the iconic Alexander Anderson pose, from Hellsing‘s Iscariot Organization.

“Iscariot” has a disputed etymology, but it might be Latin “Sicarius” = English “dagger-wielder” (“sicae” is a type of dagger). A “seax” is also a type of dagger, and the root of the name Saxon.

Judah is just straightforwardly named after the country of Judea. Another variant would be Judas.

(Bonus: that last panel foreshadows a real, otherwise-unnamed, figure in the Gospel of John.)

María: What do I think? If you don’t have the power right now, you should work on figuring it out, that’s what! Also, while you’re working on being nice to Saxon? Give him a more normal name!

Some of the nicknames you give people are innocuous —

[Simeon Ben Judah, a.k.a. “Rocky”]

María: — but anyone who knows Latin is wondering what kind of sinister thing Saxon did to be called “Knifey.”

Josh: Ooh. What’s a good non-controversial name?

María: Try something patriotic.

Josh: Saxon! From now on, you also answer to “Judah”!

Saxon: Yes, Lord!

María: As for figuring out how to change him . . .

Are these your only notes from your travels? Your handwriting is terrible.

Josh: Hey, you’re the scribe, not me! If you had come along on the trip like I asked, we wouldn’t have this problem.

Disciple 1: Are we sure they’re not secretly married?

Disciple 2: When I write all this up for history, I’m referring to María as “the disciple Josh was totally into.”