Jesus Christ Superstar screencapOne of the drawbacks of trying to draw a comic like this is, while some of your references are historically-accurate, your searches will turn up a lot of material that’s simplified, modernized, or just generally stylized.

Consider the version of this same scene in Jesus Christ Superstar, where the desert skies stone walls are mixed with TVs, hand-lettered fliers, and that wild light-up table.

Sets and props aside, though, I didn’t have any reservations about including a few lyrics from JC Superstar. (There’s a bit of Godspell in here, too.) For dramatic, emotional, and catchy, they’re hard to beat.

Governing council of Judea.

Council: . . . and so it is resolved, that we have got to get better lighting for this place. Next order of business on the list . . .

Not Ikari Gendo: What do we do about Joshua of Watchton? If we let him keep this up, his fans are going to start a revolt against the Empire, any day now.

Councilguy 2: Maybe so, but if we arrest him, his fans will definitely start a riot against us.

Councilguy 3: And they follow him everywhere! We’d never get near him.

Councilguy 4: Well, we can’t just let this guy, no matter how cool he is, run around flipping tables in our temple! If those merchants take their business elsewhere, think of all the kickbacks we’ll lose!

Not Ikari Gendo: Also an excellent point.

Councilguy 5: Is it just me, or does that sound a little greedy and corrupt?

Councilguy 6: Well, yeah. We’re politicians. What did you expect?

Messenger: Excuse me? Your Council-nesses?

Guy here wants to talk to you. Says he can help you arrest the man from Watchton.